Child Brain Injury Trust: Tim''s Story

Tim, aged 12 sustained a brain injury after a blow to the head when he was just a seven-month old baby. At first, he seemed OK. Then, he suddenly went into a coma. Tim had a massive bleed on the brain and underwent brain surgery. Tim was adopted at 15 months.

Tim’s adoptive parents noticed his behaviour had changed. He was also extra sensitive to things which further affected his behaviour. Tim was diagnosed with ADHD as a result of the brain injury. He struggles with attention and making friends. Medication makes Tim dizzy and every part of his life is affected.

When Tim’s adoptive mother asked if he find’s life confusing, he said “at some points during school like when you got exams and maths tests and literacy tests and reading tests. Basically tests. I find it very, very difficult and very frustrating... When I get frustrated I end up like snapping pencils, breaking stuff...I lose my temper a lot...I don’t mean to. It’s really important to me friendship, but, but sometimes when I get out of hand, when, when I get out of hand and say stuff to them that I really regret they sometimes walk off and don’t talk to me for the rest of the year and stuff like that... I just want people to understand me so I can be friends with them.”

Tim’s parents contacted the Child Brain Injury Trust’s Helpline in 2014. Since then, our Support Co-ordinator has been working with Tim and his family through the regional Child and Family Support Service. We have helped by liaising with Tim’s school to reduce social isolation and train teachers, supported his parents with dealing with difficult behaviour and secured funding for equipment, therapy and support services. Tim is now fully supported within school in terms of his education, behaviour and making friends.

Support is ongoing but Tim is maintaining friendships and is contributing well to classes. His vocabulary and behaviour have improved and he is much more confident.