New research keeps brains alive outside of body for 36 hours

The researchers were able to keep the brain of a pig alive outside the body by circulating oxygen-rich fluid through the organs.

Speaking on the research Nenad Sestan, neuroscientist from Yale University, said:

“Hypothetically, somebody takes this technology, makes it better, and restores someone’s [brain] activity. That is restoring a human being. If that person has memory, I would be freaking out completely.”

Professor of Neurodegeneration at UCL, Frances Edwards also commented on the experiment:

 “It could be useful for studying connections between cells and at some level working out the network interactions in a large brain. There would be some advantages for imaging and certainly for developing imaging techniques.”

However, Frances Edwards was also keen to add:

“It would be a major, pretty much impossible step even to get this far with a human brain. Both in the pig and in a human, the whole brain is only available at death, but in the pig, you are taking a healthy animal and able to control exactly when and how it dies and immediately take out the brain. It would need to be cooled within a few minutes and then only rewarmed when oxygenated.”

Read the full experiment here