Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

Sarissa Biomedical

We are a UK Medtech company focused on developing novel biosensors for use in Point-of-Care in vitro diagnostic (PoC IVD) applications where there is a clear unmet need for improved patient healthcare and cost reduction.

Our patented technology, the 'SMARTChip' biosensor array, delivers a step change in sensitivity and selectivity enabling new biomarkers to be measured within minutes in finger-prick samples of unprocessed whole blood. SMARTChip is a low cost, single-use device designed for use with a bespoke portable handheld reader to create new point-of-care diagnostics not previously possible.

Our initial focus has been to develop SMARTChip to measure the purines -metabolites that are the earliest detectable biomarkers of cell/tissue hypoxia and ischaemia. Changes to blood purine levels occur because of acute injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), heart attack, foetal hypoxia and limb ischaemia. Whole blood purine levels provide a valuable clinical insight into underlying pathology and prognosis, and can be used - from the earliest point of injury - to guide the critical early clinical treatment and to monitor treatment outcomes, thereby giving patients the best chance of recovery.

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