Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention


We are an innovative provider of technologies for the neurologically impaired motor system. Our team of scientists and engineers with in-depth experience in neuroscience believe in challenging and evolving the status quo leading to independent patients with optimal quality of life.
When neurological damage occurs, the motor system is often impaired, which is manifested in decreased abilities to initiate and coordinate muscle activation and movements, and in the development of spasticity and muscle stiffness. At our booth we will present two different technologies to improve and monitor the progress of the patients. Incedo uses the activation of the withdrawal reflex in the leg of stroke victims, to improve their ability to walk. PSAD is aimed at quantification and qualification of muscle stiffness and spasticity, for use by clinicians. Both products are well documented and are based on university research projects and have been developed into commercial products to enable their use in a larger scale on clinics or in the patients` own homes.
We are selling through distributors and are currently expanding our network - so if you are interested in joining our network please stop by our booth.

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