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Neurostyle is a Neurological device manufacturing company from Singapore specializing on Diagnostics, Monitoring and Rehabilitation.

Through Collaboration with dedicated research teams from Singapore`s Top Research Institutes and specialists from other countries that have specialized knowledge and years of experience, has provided Neurostyle access to harness innovative medical device technologies through a series of flagship projects, which in turn helps Neurostyle to implement advanced technologies into its EEG, EMG and Stroke Rehabilitation System, hence providing customers with a variety of options to suit their needs.

Neurostyle strives to provide high quality and affordable neurological equipment to clinicians, hospitals, medical/research institutions and medical distributors. The company believes in the importance of enabling end-users to have access to neurological equipment that can help promote better medical service to patients.

Neurostyle products includes EEG, EMG, IOM, Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) Stroke Rehab System, Balance Evaluation-Training System, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Device, Biofeedback Electrotherapy Kit, Micro-current CES Stimulator.

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