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Neuronavigation is a customized brain stimulation guide software that can increase the effect of brain stimulation therapy.
NEUROPHET Inc. has developed a software that is easy to use, can increase the efficiency; success rate of the treatment and speeding up recovery time. Neuronavigation can guide how to stimulate the stimulus target area effectively considering the patient's brain model. It is generated full-automatically with only MRI loads. Our self-developed brain stimulation effect calculation engine provides fast and accurate analysis of brain stimulation treatment effects in the model.
With Neuronavigation, doctors and researchers can provide patients with accurate brain stimulation therapy. Patients will experience faster rates of recovery at low cost, resulting in an increase in satisfaction. It will make the disease of brain be treated without any need of expensive equipment. Moreover, brain stimulation can be treated with home care, which will lead to brain stimulation popularization.

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