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An AI-enabled and cloud-connected wearable neurotechnology platform that translates brainwaves into control signals for rehabilitation, movement-free diagnostics, communication, control and entertainment. The platform includes electronics on flexible PCB substrate and new sensing electrodes that can be embedded and concealed in any standard headwear (caps, hats etc) and is built on 15 years of awarding winning AI enabled signal processing research at Ulster University and trials with end-users including multiple patient groups with physical disabilities.

Currently Innovate UK funded, in 2018 NeuroCONCISE won the IET Innovation Awards startup category and the inaugural IET & E&T Innovation of the Year Award winner.

Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, clustered under the term neurotechnology, record and translate brainwaves into control signal that have been proven offer new ways of assessing and diagnosing medical conditions after traumatic brain injury (TBI), establishing communication with unresponsive patients (disorders of Consciousness, including vegetative state, minimally conscious states and locked-in syndrome), for rehabilitation following stroke and for alternative mechanisms for accessing augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices for the physically impaired.

Developed over 15 years and underpinned by award winning research, NeuroCONCISE has a platform neurotechnology product, comprised of unobtrusive concealable electronics on a flexible substrate for recording brain signals with high precision (FlexEEG - patent pending); advanced algorithms that translate brain activity into accurate control signals (NeuroPrecise); clinical assessment/diagnostic augmentation software (NeuroShine) and a basic communication and neurotechnology training system (NeuroReflect). This platform technology is linked with a cloud-based infrastructure (EncephaloCloud) for storing, analysing and visualising big brain data in real-time from any global location.

Our technology is worn on the head comfortably whilst flexible conductive sensors detect the brain`s electrical activity through electroencephalography (EEG). This EEG is transmitted via Bluetooth to any device running our cross-platform NeuroPrecise App. NeuroPrecise contains algorithms that translates changes in the brain associated with imagination of movement or perceiving a stimulus into commands that allow the user to specify actions or communicate without moving. These components along with the cloud form our platform technology. The end-user is dictated by the software application that connects to this platform. To date we have developed two main end user areas which have been tested with patients who have disabilities - NeuroShine is targeted at people with severe brain injuries and includes consciousness assessment, neurofeedback training and a Q&A system. NeuroReflect includes a suite of games/training applications that enable anyone (consumer/gamers) to interact with computers without movement.

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