Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

Industry Union Neuronet

Industry Union of `Neuronet` is the union of Russian companies, developers, science laboratories and institutes in the field of Neuroscience, artificial intelligence, VR, AR robotics, neuromarketing, medicine, pharmacy and etc.
`Neuronet` - is the Market which includes such different segment as Neuroeducation, Neuromarketing and communications, Neuroassistance, Neurofarmacy, Neuromedicaltechnition, Neuroentertainment and sports.
Our leadership projects:
NeuroChat is a neuro communication system based on brain-computer interface technology. It creates the ability for network communication for people with speech and movement disorders, allows to type text by the power of thought and communicates in social networks and messengers.
Neurobotics - company which create and produce equipment for scientific research in the field of neuroscience, physiology and behavior and besides anthropomorphic robotics and robotic products.

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