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Headway Birmingham & Solihull

Charity supporting people with Acquired Brain Injury and their families. Providing a range of free and charity rated services for all those affected by Brain Injury including:

For family and carers

- Enquiry Line
- Carer support services offering advice, information and support
- 1 to1 Support Workers who will complete an assessment and set targets with the family
- Financial Support around benefit applications, debt management etc.
- Hospital Support for the family and through to returning home
- Counselling (1 to 1) and Support Groups
- Training, Social and Wellbeing Events for carers and families

For people with acquired brain injury

We offer a specialist service across our 3 centres and in the community. Designed for people, post medical/clinical intervention, who still need to continue to re-learn lost skills, continue to develop and prevent further deterioration. We teach new coping strategies, how to modify inappropriate behaviour, understanding of the brain injury, improving self-confidence, the opportunity to meet other brain injured people and access community activities. There is a vast range of activities on offer according to individual needs and preferences.

Services in the community

Lifestyle Service - have a dedicated department who provide a personalised 1 to 1 support package within the community to help people re-integrate back into the community, as well as work towards greater independence.

Sports & wellbeing programme - offers the whole family the opportunity to pursue activities with the support of a group. There is a full weekly programme of sporting activities and well-being sessions at venues around the city, enabling people to get fitter, pursue interests as well as generally improve their overall mental and emotional health.

For more information on any of our services or about brain injury generally
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