Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention


Repetitive exercise is boring!

We are developing accessible and affordable `smart` objects alongside an entertaining mobile app for assessment and therapy of movement and cognitive functions.

Our first product, GripAble™, is a highly sensitive digital hand-held device that allows for fun repetitive training of finger, hand, wrist and whole arm movements. GripAble connects wirelessly to our mobile app, through which we deliver engaging and motivating tasks and games, track progress, and personalise goals to each user.

Our app also enables multi-player and social interaction through games and activities, connecting users with carers, family members and even one another. We have worked with over 900 patients and 29 therapy clinics across 8 countries to make sure GripAble is accessible and useful for both therapists and people across a whole range of conditions, ages and needs.

GripAble is already being used by, and developed with, institutions including: The Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability, Hobbs Rehabilitation, Kings College NHS Trust, Imperial College London, Southampton University, as well as in further clinics and by individuals in the UK and around the world.

We continue to take orders, so if you are a therapist or an individual who feels they might benefit from trying GripAble - please do get it touch!

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