Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention


CFG Law, part of the client first group, has a unique approach to early assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for seriously injured patients, including those who have suffered a brain injury.

• To improve patient outcomes, we offer a new approach to help brain-injured patients access funding for early and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation.

• We take a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to ensure a coordinated programme of all round support for patients and their families.

• Our absolute focus is on the patient`s needs and wellbeing.

• We work with like-minded organisations, doctors and healthcare professionals to help provide the best treatment and support for patients following a life-changing injury.

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We are also hosting a seminar:
`Making a difference together in brain injury rehabilitation.`

Presented by: Philip Coulthurst:.

Philip is a Senior Associate Solicitor and Head of Serious Injury at CFG Law. He has extensive experience in handling serious injury claims, including those involving complex brain and psychological injuries.

He is the driving force behind CFG Law`s unique approach to early assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all clients, focusing on his clients` needs and a whole person approach. Philip is passionate about continually striving to improve how he can help injured people.

He believes working with healthcare professionals in a multi-disciplinary team is key to helping injured people and their families achieve the best outcomes following life-changing injuries. In particular, he works with leading neurology specialists to ensure clients receive early diagnosis and a bespoke rehabilitation plan.

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