Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

Etac R82

Etac R82 offers innovative products to enhance independence and mobility for people of all ages. It`s considered design, continually innovates and looks at the carers needs as well as those of the user.

Our products are developed in close cooperation with industrial designers, healthcare professionals and users and as a result are highly regarded and trusted.

We supply R82, Etac, Molift, Immedia, Convaid and Star Cushion branded products in the UK and Ireland. Our extensive range of high-quality assistive products for disabled children and adults includes wheelchairs, buggies, seating, postural support, standing, walking, toileting and bathing aids as well as manual and mechanical transfer aids and pressure care solutions.

At the European Neuro Convention, we are proud to be showcasing our Prio Comfort wheelchair, Star Cushions range and SPEX seating systems.


Prio is an active multi-functional wheelchair where the user sits comfortably while being well balanced and easy to operate. For those who are no longer able to sit in a medium active wheelchair but want to retain some independence.

Key benefits include
• Dynamic pelvic support - pelvic strap is height adjustable for precise setting. Reclining back will automatically reduce the strap tension and re-tighten when back is brought up to an upright position
• Easy contouring of back support to fit user`s shape
• Correctly balanced - maximum seat tilt and back angle are limited. Ideal for users with high amputations
• One-piece footplate allows greater foot movement which contributes to greater hip joint mobility
• Low seat height - minimum seat height of 38cm to allow movement by foot propulsion

There are also options for electric and Prio 3D with a patent-pending back support, mouldable in all directions ideal for asymmetry and kyphosis.


The Star Air Cell Cushion range offers solutions for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and for asymmetry and stability.

The range consists of:

StarLock for corrective stability
Galaxy for immediate stability
Stabil Air for concealed stability
Standard Air for dynamic stability

Key Benefits include

• Range of models to suit all levels of need
• No weight limit providing the correct sized cushion is used for the user.
• Suitable for users of all weights provided the correct size of cushion is used
• Best possible pressure redistribution qualities
• Effectively envelopes the body structures
• Range of cell heights are unique in the market
• Reduces tissue deformation
• Increases seating tolerance compared to foam
• Made of high-quality neoprene

SPEX Seating System

Spex seating is intended for users who require postural support and accomplishes what the seating clinician desires with a focus on minimising time taken to achieve the solution and ease on ongoing adaptation.
Key Benefits

• Clinically appropriate seating choice
• Easy for therapists to use and adjust
• Solves seating needs quickly - an assessment and handover can be done at the same time, saving on clinic time
• Easy to customise to suit different postural needs
• Modular flexibility to accommodate changing postural needs
• Installs on virtually any wheelchair base
• Breathable for temperature control
• Standard sizes from 10" paediatrics to large adults
• Wheelchair transportation safety standards certified
• The system looks good and not over complicated

Bridget, OT & Clinical Educator from Medifab will be hosting a seminar titles `Reflections on the challenges of seating solutions for Neurological clients with complex postures and their impact on function.`

She has over 15 years` experience as an Occupational Therapist in neurological rehabilitation. She qualified from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 2000 and has worked in multiple settings in the acute and community settings. She currently works part-time as Neuro Clinical Lead (NHS) and part time in private capacity and as clinical educator. She has provided international training in South Africa and Saudi Arabia and is professionally registered in South Africa, USA and UK. She has experience working throughout the neuro-recovery pathway and has a keen interest in utilising tools (including complex rehabilitation technology) within therapy to promote function, cognition and independence.

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