• The Event Bringing Together Three Key Areas: diagnostic, Surgical, Rehab
  • The Latest Innovations In Neurological Diagnostics
  • Tools And Techniques Transforming Neurological Surgery
  • Neuro Rehab Advancements From All Over The World
  • Find The Life Changing Advancements In Neuro Surgery & Rehab

Keynote Speakers

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  • Wagih El Masri: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Wagih El Masri
    Clinical Professor of Spinal Injuries - Keele University

    Neurological Recovery following Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

  • Dr Naga Kandasamy: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Dr Naga Kandasamy
    King’s College hospital NHS foundation trust

    Stroke – New trends

  • Nick Thomas: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Nick Thomas
    London Neurosurgery Partnership

    Endoscopic Endonasal Approaches to the Skull Base- further advances

  • Dr Hugo Spiers: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Dr Hugo Spiers
    University College London

    Developing a mobile app help diagnose spatial navigation problems in early stage Alzheimer’s dementia

  • Dr Michael Dilley: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Dr Michael Dilley
    Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Services & St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    The pharmacological management of behavioural problems after TBI

  • Dr Michael Grey: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Dr Michael Grey
    University of Birmingham

    Motor neuroscience, spinal plasticity, brain stimulation & neurorehabilitation

  • Dr Jean-Pierre Lin: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Dr Jean-Pierre Lin
    Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

    Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation Neuromodulation for Movement Disorders in Children

  • WMW Gedroyc: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    WMW Gedroyc
    Imperial College healthcare NHS trust, St Mary’s hospital

    Transcranial Brain Focused Ultrasound

  • Dr Tacson Fernandez: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Dr Tacson Fernandez
    Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

    Spinal cord stimulation in complex pain patient groups

  • Professor Michael Hornberger: Speaking at the European Neuro Convention

    Professor Michael Hornberger
    Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia

    Getting lost in dementia

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  • Shenzhen Shineyard Medical Device Co.Ltd.: Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    Shenzhen Shineyard Medical Device Co.Ltd.

    Stand No: 9016

  • Odstock Medical Ltd (OML): Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    Odstock Medical Ltd (OML)

    Stand No: 9012

  • Unimed Electrode Supplies Ltd: Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    Unimed Electrode Supplies Ltd

    Stand No: 6024

  • GVB-SPES: Neuro Convention Exhibitor


    Stand No: 6024

  • ImPACT Applications, Inc.: Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    ImPACT Applications, Inc.

    Stand No: 4010

  • MindMaze SA: Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    MindMaze SA

    Stand No: 6012

  • Neuroelectrics Barcelona S.L.: Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    Neuroelectrics Barcelona S.L.

    Stand No: 5032

  • Ekso Bionics Europe GmbH: Neuro Convention Exhibitor

    Ekso Bionics Europe GmbH

    Stand No: 4020

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